Find me a car battery

The differences between car batteries for Seat Altea;altea Xl

The car battery will vary a few basic parameters:

capacity in the Ah
The basic capacity of the battery in Ah indicates the manufacturer of the most commonly in the manual for your vehicle Seat Altea;altea Xl - We can see her often, even from the original battery, possibly with the help of our site. Larger capacity require the bulkier and diesel engines and the cars equipped with larger amounts of electronics. Higher capacity than the producer is never on the damage, if the other parameters to match the requirements.

Battery size
Battery size must correspond to the place for the battery in the engine compartment, popularly speaking there must fit. The most common battery height of European and American vehicles is 190mm, but there are also reduced 175 mm. Asian cars are usually battery height 220 mm. other dimensions vary according to the type of vehicle.

The polarization of battery
Most often, the positive pole of the battery is located on the right side when looking at the front these car batteries the battery-it says the right. For Asian cars, but we can meet also with the + on the left side-those are called the left.

Maintenance free car battery
Today, they are already all modern batteries maintenance free-no need to pour over the life of the battery.

Sháníte pneumatiky proSeat Altea;altea Xl?
Nejlepší způsob, jak vybrat pneumatiky je podle nezávislých testů. A přesně takové najdete na . Stovky modelů pneumatik, analýz a testů pneumatik pro Seat Altea;altea Xl - vyberete si i vy!